5x - Ranks & Kits

You can stack as many ranks as you want to get multiple kits. The highest rank's prefix is shown in the chat. You also get the highest rank's hourly shop token rate

Perks are applied within 30 seconds of the purchase. If you're in a queue then please re-join. If you're having issues with your purchase please contact us in our discord.

VIP - 5x No BPs

6.99 USD


10.99 USD


19.99 USD

Premium+ [Lifetime]

99.99 USD


34.99 USD


49.99 USD


89.99 USD

Mythical (All Ranks & Kits)

250.00 USD


Kit PvP+

9.99 USD

Kit Quick PvP

20.99 USD

Kit PvP++

49.99 USD

Kit PvP

4.99 USD

Kit Build Extra

24.99 USD
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