How do I hide the prefix of my donor perk?
Not all servers offer this perk. To purchase a "Hide Chat Prefix Tag" perk, you need to login into the store by clicking "Login" on the top right and going to the category of the server you're trying to purchase this for. After that, you will see the "Hide Chat Prefix Tag" option that you can purchase for $0.99 USD in that server's category. If you don't see this option it means that this server doesn't offer it.

How long do the ranks/kits last?
All ranks and kits last for 30 days after purchase if you clicked the "Add to cart" option. If you clicked the "Subscribe Monthly" option then you will be charged every 30 days and you will have the rank/kit until you cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by following the instructions you received in the email right after the purchase was made. You can also visit checkout.tebex.io/payment-history/recurring-payments and login with your email to view your previous payments and cancel your current subscriptions. If you have further questions please email us at support@rustinity.com or visit our discord at rustinity.com/discord

Can I use cryptocurrencies to buy perks?
You can purchase Rustinity store gift cards using BTC/ETH only that can be used to purchase perks in this store. The minimum purchase value for a gift card is $50. If you would like to make this purchase then please create a ticket in our discord at rustinity.com/discord

The package I want to purchase is out of stock, can you please restock it?
There's a limited number of how many packages can be sold, once someone's VIP is expired then it will be in stock. We suggest refreshing the page of the package once in a while to see if it's back in stock.

How do I change the colour of my name?
Not all servers and ranks have access to this perk. Make sure the rank you're purchasing has access to this perk by clicking "view details" next to the rank you're trying to purchase.

Colour wheel to determine colours - htmlcolorcodes.com. Coloured nickname examples (use /colours to view commands):

/colour gradient #ffafbd #cc2b5e



/colour clear then /colour rainbow



/colour gradient #ef629f #dc2430 #ef629f



/colour gradient #de6262 #ffb88c



/colour #c33764


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