These are the following rules you have to follow or you will be muted or banned from Rustinity and/or all of its other services and removal of your perks without a refund:

  • You may not have any rust game banned accounts in the last 180 days.
  • You may not have more than 1 rust game banned alt account.
  • You may not play with a cheater/ban evader
  • No cheating, scripting or using any third party software/hardware to gain any advantage over any other player
  • No exploiting/abusing of any mechanic
  • No racism, homophobia or any type of discrimination 
  • No talking politics or religion 
  • No spamming/abusing chat or trying to bypass the chat filter 
  • No ddos/dos threats 
  • No stream sniping (some servers, check your server's /rules)
  • No threats or anything illegal 
  • No impersonation of admins or stuff including names and tags 
  • No advertisement of any other server or community 
  • Do not reveal any personal information about anyone

We reserve the right to change any package/perk at any time. We also reserve the right to remove your access to any of our services for any reason we deem reasonable. 

If your rank expired mid wipe and you already claimed a wipe kit and purchased the rank kit again you will need to wait until the next wipe to prevent duplicating the kits twice.

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